Year THREE in Zacango here we come...

Friday, March 27, 2009

A couple of weekends ago we went with Bruce's water workshop classes on a field trip to some hotsprings (and river) about two hours from here (Papalutla). They had been fundraising for the event for a while and we all had a really great time!
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We all fit in two trucks. It was a crazy, curvy ride with a few vomit stops and a lot of fun!

The kids couldn't get enough of the river. They would jump in at one spot, let the current take them down the river, jump out of the water, run back to the same original spot and hop back in again. This was the routine, over and over again!

Hizee shares a small stream with some burros.

Snack break!
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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Bruce started teaching computer classes a couple of weeks ago. There is a great interest in computers, especially amoung the youth and young adults. He has thirty five students and meets with them in groups of four (using two computers). Bruce teaches computer Monday-Thursday while I teach English; on Friday he does a water workshop. Because the computers are in our house the kids hang around the house while Bruce teaches.

Here are Hilario, Selene, and Blanca checking out a game of solataire on a Saturday afternoon.
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We've never introduced her on the blog but this is Black Beauty. You may remember the two little white bunnies we got a while back. Well, Hizee's bunny (Cutie) died shortly after we got her. We told Hizee we would try to get another bunny in Olinala. We went to a man who sold "meat rabbits" and asked if he had any baby rabbits for sale. He didn't have any but said he could sell us a pregant female. So we got Black Beauty (who was naturally never a pet but is slowly becoming tame now) and about five weeks ago she had five little beauties of her own. Our chicken/rabbit/guinea pig coop is now quite full. We all enjoy going to sit in the coop and watch the little animals.

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A collage of Black Beautie's beauties! They definitely get their share of handling!
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There are 10 new young students who joined English class in the last two weeks and when they first started coming I wasn't sure which group they should become a part of. There are three groups of students (grouped according to age ) and the youngest group of students is already quite full. The oldest group of students (30+) still had plenty of space but I wasn't sure how the older students whould feel learning together with their children. They said it would be fine and as it turns out this group has been a huge success! It's beautiful to watch the generations work together!
Here is Irenea together with her great-nephew Alejandro and his friend Filimon.

German and his son Betuel. German is one of two teachers that live in Zacongo. German and Valentina, along with their two sons all come to English class together.
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Here are the 9-16 year olds. They are a hoot, and really enjoy playing games. It gets a little rowdy some days...they definitely keep me on my toes! Hizee comes to this class as well. I always have to remind her not to yell out the English answers before the others get a chance.

Group two students are in their late teens and early twenties and are extremely keen. It's quite inspiring to watch them learn.
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Sunday, March 8, 2009

While my parents were here Bruce and I took advantage of their babysitting services and did a few things without the kids. One morning we explored the hills around Zacongo on donkey (forgot the camera) and on another occasion we joined some friends to climb this hill/mountain called "Cero de Gallo" near Olinala. Gallo means rooster and the hill got it's name from a formation of rocks near the summit that looks like the outline of a rooster from far away. This hill had been taunting Bruce since we got here and he was very happy to finally climb it.
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Our friends and neighbors: Herminio, Luis, Miguel, and Cleofas.

The summit.
Amazing views!
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Sunday, March 1, 2009

My mom and dad were here visiting us for the past two weeks and here are a few pictures of their time with us (more to come later). We had been waiting for them with eager anticipation for the past month and to have them here with us in Mexico was a dream come true. I think that my mom and dad (a.k.a Anna and Bernardo) had quite an experience. My mom made good friends with my friends Erika (first pic.) and Elvira (second pic.) and talked about the amazing kindness and generosity of the people. She was great at remembering everyone's names and all the family connections. My dad enjoyed greeting everyone with a big hug/handshake and asking his favorite question "you speak any English?" He also enjoyed teasing all the kids that come by the house. I think that people got a real kick out of his sense of humour. Most of all I think that my parents were just so happy to be with Zam, Hizee, and Ziko! More posts to come on our time together. Thanks so much for coming you guys, it meant so much to us!

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My mom making tortillas with Erika.

My dad trying to make tortillas with Erika.

Handing out chespitas (firecrakers) at Hizee's party.
Visiting Anastasia and Hermilo -- playing with baby Edwin.
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Hizee turns five!!! Happy Birthday big girl!
Hizee had a much harder time with the decsion to break her beatiful horse pinata than Ziko had with the decision to break his Spiderman. She kissed her horse several times before he met his end. We did both Hizee and Ziko's pinatas on the street outside our house.

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Hizee had an awesome party and she too was blessed with being able to have Grandma and Grandpa there to celebrate. Highlights of the party were the water balloon fight and the "peso unwrap" game.
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