Year THREE in Zacango here we come...

Monday, September 21, 2009

We Love You Merideth!!!

Our friend and fellow MCCer, Merideth, left for the United States on the weekend. She has greatly enriched our lives and we are really going to miss her! From her infectious sense of humour to her beautifully kind and generous nature...we're going to miss it all! Thank you for everything Merideth, we wish you many blessings during the next steps of your journey! You rock, mi vida!!!

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Rain, Rain!

Rain, rain DON"T go away,
Come to us and say you'll stay!

Ziko and his best buddy Edgar

Aneisa, Cirilo, Liz and Hizee
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Los Luchadores!!!
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Church Work

The community of Zacango has been working together to repaint the inside and outside of the church. Here are a few of the supervisors: Fernando, Jose, Enrique, Lupe, and Diana.

Luis hard at work. What a lot of work!
Don Enrique working on the ceiling.
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We Love Our Taco!!!

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Puppy Love

No these are not our puppies but they live in a house that we pass on our way to swim at the presa and we take every opportunity to love them up along the way!

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The kittens have grown and are now being weaned/force fed. The little runt died so now we have four. There names are: Eatty, Curious, Tootsle, and Fiesta. They are fun!

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School in Zacango

The kids have started going to school in Zacango together with home schooling. Zam has entered grade three at the primary school where school days are a bit sporadic. However, he loves being a part of it all and especially loves having recess with his friends. He goes everyday from about 8:30-12:30 and when he comes home we do home schooling with him. Hizee has started home schooling with kindergarten this year and also goes to the jardin (nursery school/kindergarten) on Tuesday and Thursday mornings. Our little man Ziko has made his schooling debut, going to the jardin with Hizee. The two of them are quite cute when they toodle off to school together and come home with all kinds of Spanish songs.
In the pics you can see Zam with his lantern that Miguel helped him make for "The Cry for Independence" night in Zacango on September 15. It was really quite something to see as the kids were quite creative making everything from bulls to airplanes and then parading through the streets of Zacango with their lanterns lit shouting "Viva Hidalgo"..."Viva Mexico!"

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Celebrating Mexican Independence Day on September 16 at Hizee and Ziko's school. They invited Zam's school over for pazole (a special maize soup) and they all sang and danced together. Ziko and Cirilo below.
Lizet and Hizee
Zam's class at the jardin.
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Thank you God for Rain!

The rains have finally come in abundance and our little milpa of corn is finally growing! We planted pumpkins as well. Here are Bruce, Hizee, and Ziko inspecting our field.

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Increased rain also means a fuller presa (pond/dam) and more swimming!!! Ziko (who detested bathing for the entire first year of his life and has never really liked swimming) is suddenly a water bug. We bought him these water wings and he loves the increased independence in the water.
Zam and Carmelo catching a mini waterfall.
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All the bunnies from the last batch of bunnies have new homes. Here are our neighbors David and Lalo with their new bunny named "Zanaoria" (Carrot). There are still quite a few kids who haven't had their bunny dreams realized and many have their order in for a specific colour and sex. Zanaoria roams free in her new yard and often makes appearances in our yard so we still get to see her.
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Muchachas from the women's basketball team making pizza for a team that they are about to host from Olinala. More on the Zacango team below (I posted these backwards).
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Basketball Fever!!!

When English classes broke for the summer in June, the young women who had been taking the classes asked me if I'd help them start a basketball team to play in tournaments in nearby towns. I said that while I had played basketball as a kid, I didn't actually like to play that much any more but that I could help them with some drills if they wanted.
So between June and now (September) I've practiced with them a couple of times but they have truely taken the "bull by the horns" and have arranged their own practices, games, and tournament entries. Basketball is really popular here and these young Zacango women are NUTS about basketball. I've played with them a few times (even though I always tell them that I'm old and out-of-shape) and we went to a tournament last week. The girls entered two teams and we won first and third place. Here we are sharing a watermelon (by the community store in front of our house) that the host town gave us at the tournament. GO ZACANGO!!!

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