Year THREE in Zacango here we come...

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Here's a bit of a play-by-play of the slides getting ready for Zaconogo's celebration of Concepcion -- the Virgin Mary.
1. Sweeping the streets in preperation for the fiesta (our house is the one in the background with the big black container on top.)
2. The slaughtering of pigs. Hizee had to leave for this part. They used the pork meat to make a special soup called "pazole."
3. Getting the church ready.
4. Ziko playing with his friends beneath the results of the pig slaughter.
5. In the morning we helped bring the statue of the Virgin Mary to a cross roads from where the community would later and bring her into town in a large procession.
6. Zam and his friend Carmello in the church.
7. The church in Zacongo. From what we can decipher, this church is only used during fiesta times (twice a year), with the fiesta being in the evening and Catholic mass the following day.
8. The "castillo" or castle of fireworks as it is being built -- quite impressive!
9. The procession of flowers to the church, complete with big band.
10. The procession leading the Virgin Mary into Zacongo.

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