Year THREE in Zacango here we come...

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

One of Hizee's favorite things to do every day was to go to English class. She was a great help to have in class -- always willing to be my conversation partner in order to give the students examples of English dialouge. So when the classes ended a few weeks ago Hizee was a little sad but very excited and proud of the fact that she had completed "Introduction to English" with perfect attendance. She said that what she wanted for her perfect attendance gift was a "real tortilla maker."
And the rest is history! We now enjoy fresh tortillas almost every night, thanks to Hizee and her friends Diana and Maribel. The girls bring the masa (tortilla dough) and they usually get to work by 7:30 each night. They are especially proud of their "chiqitita" (tiny) tortillas. It is such a joy to watch; and the results of their endevours are actually quite tasty! We have some really great videos but so far I've been unable to post them...hopefully in the future!

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