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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Operation Frida!

Toward the end of October we had an interesting adventure involving our friend Meredith's dog, Frida. As many of you may know from reading our blog, Meredith left for her home in the Arizona in late September. When Mer left she had to make the tough decison of whether or not to take Frida with her. In the end, Mer felt found a friend in Olinala who was willing to take Frida and give her a new home.
It turns out that Frida had other plans. About two weeks after Meredith left Frida came popping up at the MCC office pretty skinny. We brought her back to her new home but she kept coming back to the office (where her and Mer used to come on a daily basis). It was obvious that Frida was looking for Meredith as she ran the five minute circuit from Mer's old apartment to the office, throughout the entire day. When we would leave the office she wouldn't even try to hop in the truck with us even though she must have been pretty hungry.
We ended up contacting Mer's parents to see if there was any possible way of sending Frida to Meredith. In the end, Mer got involved too (was originally going to be a surprise) and Frida was home with Meredith two weeks later. (To see pics of Mer and Frida being reunited click on her blog link on the right hand side of this page.)
There were a few logistics involved in getting Frida home to Arizona and one of them involved taking her to Mexico City. Zam invited his two best friends (Miguel and Enrique) along and we had a blast seeing Mexico City through their eyes. Miguel had been with us to the city once before so he knew what to expect but watching Enrique's face as he "took it all in" was truely priceless! Hizee does this great imitation of Enrique's face which involves huge eyes and no blinking! Some of the sights we took in included...
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