Year THREE in Zacango here we come...

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Hizee continues to enjoy life to the fullest on our growing “farm”. She takes great joy in caring for her animals and isn’t shy when it comes to disciplining Flo. She seems to have opted for the “tough love” approach when it comes to caring for Flo and isn’t afraid to give her a little tap on the nose or yell “no” when she feels that Flo is getting out of line. We just recently got a pig (whom the kids named “Pig Pig” after a book of the same name by David McPhail) and Hizee and I really enjoy feeding her. Pig Pig wasn’t all that “tame” when we got her, however, Hizee and I have won her over with food. Every time we go into her corral to feed her we scratch her behind her ears and now she literally starts singing when she hears us coming. (I have great pig memories from my Uncle John and Aunt Rose’s farm and it is totally a dream come true for me to have a pig of my own to share with Hizee.) I know that our neighbors probably think that we are totally insane (a pig is solely a form of future food around here, and quite naturally anything BUT a pet) so we try to go out to feed her early in the morning and after dark. Having said that, I think that our friends and neighbors get quite a kick out of our love for our pig. The other day my friends Verna and Bardormiana told me that they thought that we had a very beautiful pig but that we should take care not to feed her too much if we want her to have babies. They said that they thought she was getting a little too fat, a little too soon. Our friend Zoilo advised us that we should be feeding her dried maize instead of the processed food from the vet because then her meat will taste better. There was no way I could tell him that our intention was not to have her slaughtered but to simply enjoy having her around. I said I’d look into getting her some maize.

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