Year THREE in Zacango here we come...

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Ziko is turning into quite the little man! His attitude, coupled with his overall jovial nature, result in him attracting attention everywhere he goes. This is how he usually looks at the end of each day. He is Mr. Out-and-About, strutting around the community constantly being questioned by people “estas enojado o estas contento Ziko?” – “are you angry or are you happy Ziko?” He can usually flip between these two states quite quickly. Ziko’s talking has also come a long way and he often mixes Spanish and English. When he’s in full English mode, he is very articulate and never uses conjunctions. For example, if Bruce teases him by calling him a nick name or some other crazy form of a name he will say “No Daddy, I am Ziko.” Ziko’s also started coming up with some great three-year-old “one-liners.” Here’s a couple to tickle your eardrums:
Bruce was about to put some cheese sauce on Ziko’s noodles when Ziko stopped him saying: “No Daddy, I don’t want any icing on my noodles”
Hizee gave Ziko a feather from his chicken and he showed it to Bruce saying: “Look daddy, Hizee gave me a leaf from my chicken.” Hizee corrected him immediately telling him it was a feather but he was insistent: “It is not a feather Hizee, it is a leaf…a chicken leaf.”

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Ang said...

HAHA! This guy truly reminds me of Simon, Jaime!