Year THREE in Zacango here we come...

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Bruce has been doing water workshops in a nearby village named Ahuexutla over the past few weeks. When the people in Ahuexutla mentioned that they were having a under-ten kids basketball tournament as a part of their anual fiesta Bruce told them he'd bring a team from Zacango. The kids in Zacango were pretty pumped about the idea of going to another town to play basketball and got together for a few nights before the tournament to practice. When we got to Ahuexutla for the tournament we soon realized that "under ten" wasn't really "under ten" and that the two other teams were made up of older boys who played together on a regular basis (they had uniforms and everything!) Well, if the kids from Zacango were intimidated they sure didn't let it show! They were little troopers, only scoring one or two baskets a game but refusing to give up or back down. (It was like one of those Disney movies where you just want to keep cheering for the underdogs!) Zam played his heart out even if it only meant running up and down the court. In the end, their determination paid off (literally), they got third place (out of three teams) -- way to go guys! Before the tournament began, the people in Bruce's class made sure we were well fed! The generosity of people here is astounding!

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