Year THREE in Zacango here we come...

Friday, September 4, 2009

BABY ANIMALS HAVE ARRIVED!!! My friend Meredith and I always joke about my obsession with baby animals and finally all my longings for baby animals have been realized! Although we had a batch (litter, group...not sure what you call them) of baby bunnies back in February no baby rabbits had been born (or survived) since. So Miguel and I were thrilled when these little guys arrived (we searched the rabbit "caves" daily). Ziko's rabbit "Green" (who happens to be very white) had her first litter of rabbits with Eduardo (son of Black Beauty who was born back in February). Then came "Orange Cat" who had five healthy little kits a couple of weeks later. And lastly, Zam's guinea pig "Chocolate n' Bananas" had her second litter of guinea pigs (not pictured in the collage) a week ago. Now that we have our baby animal fix, it's time to start seperating and "fixing" animals! I think that the rabbit production will continue as the people in Zacango are completely pumped about the conejos (rabbits). All the kids have their orders in for what colour and sex of bunny they would like.
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