Year THREE in Zacango here we come...

Monday, September 21, 2009

Basketball Fever!!!

When English classes broke for the summer in June, the young women who had been taking the classes asked me if I'd help them start a basketball team to play in tournaments in nearby towns. I said that while I had played basketball as a kid, I didn't actually like to play that much any more but that I could help them with some drills if they wanted.
So between June and now (September) I've practiced with them a couple of times but they have truely taken the "bull by the horns" and have arranged their own practices, games, and tournament entries. Basketball is really popular here and these young Zacango women are NUTS about basketball. I've played with them a few times (even though I always tell them that I'm old and out-of-shape) and we went to a tournament last week. The girls entered two teams and we won first and third place. Here we are sharing a watermelon (by the community store in front of our house) that the host town gave us at the tournament. GO ZACANGO!!!

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