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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Shawn and Candace and...PARKER!!!

And what would a trip to Manitoba be without some quality time with Shawn and Candace and...PARKER!!! When we left for Mexico, Parker, (son of our very good friends Shawn and Candace from Winnipeg) was just a bitty newborn and now he is a little man!!! We had kind of forgotten that Shawn and Candace were now parents and it was great to see them in action with their sweet, curious, huggable, little guy Parker! We were all smitten, of course,...we couldn't get enough of the little guy (I suppose a pay back of sorts for all the attention that Shawn and Candace lavished on our three when they were babies).
We had an AMAZING time together (as usual) and had a New Year's Eve sleepover. Shawn and Candace outdid themselves, presenting each of us with a coupon book as we walked in the door. Coupons for: a movie, supper, popcorn, SLURPEES, and a gourmet breakfast! Most of the activities on New Year's Eve night consisted of some sort of wrestling event (as you can see from the pics) and Parker was a hardcore little man, staying up past midnight and deciding not to sleep for most of the rest of the night.
Another highlight of our time at S & C's house was getting to see our friend Ginger and her little beauty, Lily, whom we had yet to meet (if you click to enlarge the collage you can see them in the third pic from the left in the bottom row). What a treat!
Thanks for such an awesome time you guys!
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