Year THREE in Zacango here we come...

Friday, January 15, 2010

Zacango's Big Fiesta!

I think I've probably mentioned this in the past, but the rhythm of life here pretty much revolves around Fiestas! Each community (or neighbourhood, in the larger towns in cities) has their patron saint and when that saint's day arrives on the calander the community has a huge fiesta. I'm continualy astounded at the amount of work that goes into a fiesta and how everyone has a role to play in the preperations and hosting of the fiesta. One of the ways that they decorate in Zacongo (and in other fiestas, too, I'm sure) is to make these amazing garlands out of real pine needles. It is quite a process to watch as the needles are stripped from the branches and wound tightly between two ropes. The garlands are then hung in the church which is decorated with thousands of flowers. Here are Zam and Ziko in the church with the garlands the day before the Zacango's big yearly fiesta to celebrate "la virgen de la asencion."

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