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Monday, March 1, 2010

The Bean Turns Four!!!

Our little Ziko man turned four a week ago and here are a few pictures from his special day! He was extra cognizant that it was his birthday this year and of all of the wonderful things a birthday can entail: cake, friends, games, presents etc. He decided that he wanted a Batman cake this year.
Zam began this new tradition where the birthday person has their picture taken on their last day of their current here is Ziko sleeping during his last night as a three-year-old. And here he is also with his birthday present (from us) "Hulk arms" as he calls them.

Ziko had an amazing year! He's incredibly enculturated into life in Zacango and he freely trotts around the village with his buddies eating tortillas and speaking Spanish. He is a social animal who loves nothing more than to be involved in the goings on in the community and therefore he has many friends -- from babies to adults. Ziko's talking (in both English and Spanish) has really improved this year and he also really loves drawing. He often joins in on Hizee and Zam's school at home and also goes to the local pre-school two days a week. Ziko is a free spirit with a hot temper. The great thing is that his temper tantrums usually only last a minute or two and his crying is often followed by an all-out gutteral laugh! Ziko is extemely sweet and sensitive and still freely doles out hugs and kisses without being asked. We love you so much Bean -- Happy Brithday four-year-old!
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Kathy and Carl said...

Happy Birthday!! Can hardly believe that you're 4 already Ziko! Blessings to you this year.