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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Kids art class

I think I mentioned in a recent blog that we now have a kids art class. It was formally an English class for the pre-teens and teens and sort of evolved into an art class. Right now we are studying Mexican art and more specifically the art of the Huicholes -- a group of indigenous Mexicans who live in the states of Jalisco and Naryarit. The Huicholes are famous for their cuadros (little blocks of wood) covered with intricate designs crafted out of brightly coloured string (if you google the Huicholes or search them on youtube you can view their astounding work). The Huicholes also make "Eyes of God" (Ojos de Dios). The class has experimented with making both Ojos de Dios and the cuadros (Ojos pictured below; sorry, couldn't locate the picture of their cuadros).
Pictured above are four of the art class students (Oscar, Enrique, Ana Laura, and Benigna) writing a report about Huichol art for Zacango's monthly newspaper.
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