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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Hizee's Ever Rapid School Career

Hizee recently celebrated her 100 days of homeschool kindergarten (not counting the days she goes to the local kindergarten) and the end of homeschool kindergarten simultaneously. As you all know from previous posts (and from knowing Hizee), the kid is nuts about school! The day after her big end of year celebration she took all the "kindergarten stuff" down, started washing the walls, and reorganized her "classroom" for grade one (see pics in collage)!
Today she had her first day of grade one. When we did calender time I explained to her that most kids in Canada (and here too) end their school year in June not start it. She didn't seem to care and thought it made perfect sense to start grade one now as she has finished kindergarten. As per her wishes, we will continue to do grade one with Hizee throughout "the summer."
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