Year THREE in Zacango here we come...

Saturday, June 5, 2010

MCC Team Retreat

We had an MCC team retreat here in Olinala/Zacango at the end of April and the theme was: Relaxing and Enjoying One Another's Company. We took it easy (in the extreme heat of these days) eating together, playing, hanging out in Zacango, having a big birthday party for all those who had birthdays in the last months, singing around the camp fire, and worshipping together. Most of these pictures are from the devotion/worship time we had together which included an interactive activity involving maize corn. We also said good-bye to fellow MCCers Kirsten (in pink shirt sitting on the bench in second photo), Elieso (peeking above the sheet with cap in third photo) and their girls Kiana and Ayisha (cuties in the forth photo in the top row) as they have completed their term with MCC. Hizee and Ayisha are good friends and Hizee's really going to miss her at team events. We wish you guys all the best as you move back to the U.S.!
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