Year THREE in Zacango here we come...

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Community Classes in Zacango

At the end of August we began classes in Zacango after summer break. Our schedules are a bit different this year, especially for me, as Nompilo (the new MCCer in Zacango) is now teaching the English classes I used to teach. We continue to spend the mornings homeschooling our own kids and in the afternoons Bruce teaches computer and internet classes (he brings the groups into the nearby town of Olinala for the internet portion of the class); and works together with the community water group and newspaper group. As for me, I am continuing to work together with the baking group, the art group, teach beginning literacy and math classes, and have started working together with Bruce on mentoring the newspaper group. Bruce and I also meet with a group of 25 or so kids every Friday where we sing, do crafts and play sports. Lately the focus has been mainly on sports as we are preparing to challenge a nearby community to a soccer match and basketball game.
The soccer pictures in this post were taken when Bruce took the kids group to Olinala to practice on their regulation sized pitch. The kids were thrilled about practicing in on a "real" pitch.

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