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Friday, February 11, 2011

Christmas Morning

We had a wonderfully "tranquilo" Christmas morning this year. It never gets old watching the kids and all the excitement that Christmas morning entails. We began the morning by completing our advent time followed by the kids exchanging the gifts they had made for each other and for us. They had made and wrapped these gifts a good month in advance and could not contain themselves...they were so excited to give each other the crafts they had made. Zam made Hizee a Calico Critter comic book and constructed a super hero game for Ziko; Hizee gave Zam a Star Wars drawing and drew a super hero for Ziko; and Ziko freaked out when he realized that all that he had made for Zam and Hizee went missing before Christmas day and he frantically began drawing and constructing later on in the day. Zam made Bruce a little cardboard shelf to store his wrestlers and made me three cardboard rings with a word on each ring to read "I love you." Hizee drew some Lucha Libre masks for Bruce and made me a little set of drawers out of match boxes. After the homemade gift exchange the kids enjoyed opening their not-so-homemade toys. Zam's favourite gift was his Star Wars characters; Hizee loved her Calico Critter nursery school set; and Ziko went crazy for his super heroes!
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