Year THREE in Zacango here we come...

Monday, April 4, 2011

Agua Para Siempre

A new and exciting thing is happening in Zacango -- a number of community members (not all pictured here; there are 12 in total) have formed a cooperative called "Agua Para Siempre" (Water Forever, or Water For Always, depending on how you want to translate it). Bruce has been working with some of the logistics of forming the group as part of his watershed managment work in the community. The molds used to build the cement water cisterns (designed to collect rain water during the rainy season to use later during the dry season) belong to MCC and were used for many years to build the cisterns in various communities surrounding Zacango. MCC is now selling the molds to the Zacango cooperative (they have already made their first payment) and the group is able to earn a regular income (a difficult task in a subsistance farming community such as Zacango). Many men from Zacango traditionally migrate illigally to the United States in search of work -- three of the men from the group who were planning to leave for the States this summer have now said that they can remain in Zacango because they have regular work.

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