Year THREE in Zacango here we come...

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Zacango at Work

The Young Women's Newspaper Group with their new printer/photocopier that they purchased with help from the Yellowknife United Church Youth Group. They used the copier to print 50 copies of their monthly newspaper (which every household in Zacango receives free each month); and have also begun a small photocopying business in the community.
Back in December I donated my pig (to be consumed in a tastey meal of pozole) for the anual fiesta. It turns out because I hadn't had her reproductive organs removed prior to the donation (and slaughter) that her meat was deamed unsuitable at the moment of the feista and they decided to raffle her off to earn some money for the community. They later used this money to build a set of dry latrines in the community center.

The Baking Group selling their wares on Pizza Friday!

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