Year THREE in Zacango here we come...

Sunday, November 16, 2008

The kids are doing AMAZING! Zam does his home schooling in the morning while Ziko and Hizee play. Zam likes his school stuff but always loves it when his morning of school is done and he can play. He has made a really great friend named Lalo who happens to live just next door. The two of them like to dress up and run around the yard, the town, and the roof of our house(it’s not that high) playing a sort of super hero game. Hizee is quite the little socialite! She is often wisked away to her friend’s houses where she plays, and later returns with some sort of candy in her mouth. Ziko is also little Mr. Social. I think people get a real kick out of his antics which totally transcend the language barrier. The older girls like to dote on him, carry him places and fill up little toy candy bottles with water for him to suck on. Not a totally great thing, actually, but he totally thrives on all the attention and babying. The kids are also doing well at using the Spanish words they already know and learning new ones too.

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