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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Compass and El Norte Have a Baby

Hizee's two pigeons (Compass and El Norte) have incubated their eggs (yes, both parents do the incubating) a dozen times but little pigeon chicks have never emerged. Finally they had some luck a couple of months ago. When the egg first hatched we couldn't believe how instantly large the chick was (not as large as in this picture of her and Hizee but considerably larger than a chicken chick). They (the parents) then nursed the chick in its' nest for nearly two months feeding it the milky substance they coughed up into the chick's mouth (it's very interesting to watch). We were also surprised that she developed white feathers given the purply/grey colour of her parents.
If you google "raising pigeons" you can learn all sorts of interesting facts about these smart birds. Hizee is very happy with her new pigeon named "Cheesy".
El Norte...Papa

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Sheila Champion said... never cease to amaze me with your love of animal. Your pigeons are beautiful....and you are too. xo