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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Hizee's Clausura

Claururas (graduations) are a big deal here is Mexico...not just graduation from high school but graduation from kindergarten, elementary school, junior high, high school...there is a graduation every step of the way. When people found out that we weren't going to be around for Hizee's clausura from the local kindergarten (we had to go to Honduras for MCC meetings) they felt very sad for her. It turns out we had her big claursura meal (mole) before the actual clausura. About 50 people filed through the house to eat and wish Hizee a happy graduation.
One special aspect of all clausuras are "padrinos" -- the people who "sponsor" you by giving you gifts and flowers. Hizee's padrinos were our neighbors Valentina and German. They even brought special music to be played while they presented her with her flowers and gifts. My good friends Maria, Irinea, and Leovigilda also gave Hizee gifts. Needless to say she was quite happy with her clausura day!
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Sheila Champion said...

Congratulations Hizee!!!!! You have amazing friends.