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Thursday, July 29, 2010

The Excursion of a Lifetime!!!

When we first started the youth art group back in February I had mentioned the possibility of a fieldtrip to see some Aztec art in Mexico City. Soon after classes had ended for the school year that trip became a reality!
It was a whirlwind of a trip that couldn't have been a greater success!!! In order to keep down costs for the group (6 Zacango youth, 2 parent chaperones, and our familiy of five),we left Zacango on a Monday afternoon at around 4 pm, and after the five hour drive each way, were back in Zacango the next day by 7pm!
The fieldtrip was 27 hours of pure elation! I was a bit worried about loosing someone in the big city or something going wrong, but the kids were AMAZING...not only were they attached at the hip (literally) for fear of getting lost, they had permanant smiles on their faces as they took in every ounce of what there was to see. Many of the youth had never been more than 100 Km from their village and along with the museum, cathedral, temple ruins, and National Palace we visited, were just as intrigued by riding an escalator, cooking in the MCC guest house kitchen and riding the Metro (subway). It was pure joy to share the experience with them!!!
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