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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

La Virgen de Guadalupe

On the 12th of December all of Mexico celebrates the Virgen of Guadalupe -- Mexico's patron saint. The Virgen of Guadalupe's significance and importance here in Mexico cannot be understated. She is more than an icon -- she is much beloved as the indigenous Mary and protector of Mexico (to learn more about her, and the legend surrounding her, type her name into google).
Each year on the 12th of December, along with the thousands of feistas elsewhere in Mexico celebrating her day, there is a huge procession in Olinala that attracts thousands of pilgrims. However, there is also a smaller festival in Zacango's sister community of Las Juntas. Each year that we have been here we have gone with people from Zacango to Las Juntas. This year was special as it was our last Virgen of Guadalupe day in Las Juntas.
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