Year THREE in Zacango here we come...

Friday, October 3, 2008

Last weekend we went to see some small Aztec temple base remains right here in Cuernavaca! The site is called Teopanzolco. Here is a brief description of Teopanzolco from the Lonely Planet Mexico guide:
"There are actually two pyramids, one inside the other, on this small archaeological site. You can climb on the outer base to see the older pyramid within, with a double staircase leading up to the remains of a pair of temples. Tlahuicas built the older pyramid over 800 years ago; the outside one was under construction by the Aztecs when Cortés arrived, and was never completed.
The name Teopanzolco means 'Place of the Old Temple', and may relate to an ancient construction to the west of the current pyramid, where artifacts dating from around 7000 BC have been found, as well as others with an Olmec influence.
Several other smaller platform structures surround the double pyramid. Near the rectangular platform to the west, a tomb was discovered, containing the remains of 92 men, women and children mixed with ceramic pieces. They are believed to be victims of human sacrifice in which decapitation and dismemberment were practised."

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