Year THREE in Zacango here we come...

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Zammy Boy turns SEVEN!!!
Here is a picture that Zam requested to have taken the night before his birthday: “Mom, come take a picture of me on my last day as a six-year-old!”

Last week we celebrated Zam’s birthday together with our host family and some fellow MCCers! Zam was so excited leading up to his party and did a daily countdown during the entire two weeks leading up to his special day. The day began with opening a few presents from family in Canada (thank you guys), as well as receiving a basketball on his breakfast plate from our host family.
We gave Zam the day-off from home school and had his “fiesta” in the afternoon at our host family’s home. Our family helped us with a lot of the preparations, and this was truly a gift! For while our Spanish skills are slowly improving it was nice to have their help with ordering the cake, calling for pizza, setting up the party, etc.
I guess you could say that the party was a combination of Mexican and Canadian traditions. At various points, I’ll admit to having very little idea what was going on or what we were “supposed to do” next (i.e. the singing -- apparently there are hundreds of birthday songs, we heard/sang three of them). For the Canadian portion, Bruce designed one of his famous treasure hunts for the kids – this year a Lucha Libre theme. The piñata was another essential part of the party, and Zam had told Ziko that he could chose the piñata – that was easy for Ziko, who is currently obsessed with all things Kung Fu Panda. Also essential to the piñata was having Isabel there to hit it and, of course, just to have her at the party in general! (Isabel is the daughter of the MCC country representatives in Mexico and she and her parents live in Mexico City.) Zam is very fond of Isabel and loves to care for her. A couple of weeks before the party he mentioned how “cute” it would be to see Isabel hitting the piñata, and that he really hoped that she could make it to the party. We are sure glad she could make it!
In all, it was a great time and Zam has deemed it his “best party ever!” The evening ended late with the kids playing in Zam’s room with his new toys.

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Kathy and Carl said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY ZAM!!! Thanks for sharing all the pictures and videos from your birthday. We loved looking at them. We miss you but it looks like you are having a great time in Mexico!

Joel and Kezia and Asha too!