Year THREE in Zacango here we come...

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

This past weekend we visited a quaint little town near Cuernavaca known to be a "mystical centre" and somewhat of a former (or current) "hippie hang-out." It is said that their is a certain "artistic energy" in the town. It seems like Bruce and the boys picked up on that energy and turned into Luchadores (I guess that's if you consider wrestling an artform). The town is also known for it's nearby pyramid, Tepozteco, which can be reached via a 2 km footpath up rugid and breathtaking terrain! (I actually wrote that sentence all by myself and didn't copy it out of a travel guide description this time. However, that's where my creativity ends...I forget most of the fascinating facts about Tepozteco/Tepoztlan, so if you'd like to know more you can google it if you like...sorry!) One interesting fact that I do remember is that there is one particular spot on the pyramid, that a fellow pyramid goer told us, has a profound amount of energy. We found this out when Zam wanted a picture of all of the kids feet in this one spot and the man (mentioned above) told the kids to move to the center spot because that is where the energy is. Later when we were climbing down from the pyramid, I mentioned that I was tired to Hizee. She responded. "I'm not tired mom, because I have 'the energy.' I know that you're tired because you never received 'the energy' at the top of the pyramid!"
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