Year THREE in Zacango here we come...

Friday, October 31, 2008

Off to Zacongo! The picture above Zam is a view of Zacongo's "skyline."

Four months after leaving our home in Yellowknife we are finally off to our new home in Zacongo! For those of you who may remember former blog entries, or know details of our soon-to-be life from other sources, the spelling of our new community may look a little off. Originally we were going to live in the town of Olinala – a community of about 5,000 people in the state of Guerrero. Olinala is where the MCC Guerrero office is located and is also the town where another MCC family (the Dyrsts) and two single MCCers (Meridith and Kiara) are living. However, most of the work that MCC does in Guerrero state takes place in the smaller communities surrounding Olinala. When we visited Olinala soon after arriving in Mexico (back in September), our fellow MCCers mentioned the option of living in one of the smaller communities where MCC works. Bruce and I thought this was a beyond-great option for us and, thus, we will be living in the small village of Zacongo (500 or so people) which is only about a 10-15 min. drive from Olinala.
To say that we are excited about getting to our new home would a pretty huge understatement! While we have enjoyed our journey from Yellowknife, to Manitoba, to Mexico/Cuernavaca (and are truly thankful for all the kindness and hospitality we experienced along the way) we are very ready to go home to Zacongo!
The other day when Zam was getting ready for bed he said: “Well mom, we’ve almost done it…only one more week and we’ve completed our big trip.” Yes, Zammer, we’re almost there!


Kathy and Carl said...

That's exciting about your new home and the changes that are happening for the location. Yipee! We'll be thinking of you this and next week!

Anonymous said...

Good luck setting up in your home in the next week or so. Take care and our best wishes to all of you! :) Love Mari, Jesse and Ruby!