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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Animal Update

Things have been changing on our little "farm." We said good-bye to the kittens a couple of weeks ago accept for "Eatty" who Hizee is holding in the bottom right corner. Eatty got lucky and now has his mom all to himself. She continues to baby him -- he still nurses at nine weeks old and she still "bathes" him every day.
We have a new batch of guinea pigs almost every two months. It's fun to see all the different colours that emerge. They are very popular with the kids in Zacango and make great birthday presents. All the "orders" for guinea pigs and bunnies have yet to be filled. We aren't having as much luck with the baby bunny production however.
And lastly, we said good-bye to Pig Pig a few weeks ago. She was getting too big to justify keeping her as a "pet." When you would pet her she would flop down on your feet nearly crushing one's bones; and everyone in Zacango was asking when the heck we were going to slaughter her: "she's ready, she's ready!" I didn't want to hear her screams in Zacango so we sold her to a butcher in Olinala (sorry to all the animal rights activists out there...however, she had a pretty good life as far as the life of a pig goes). I learnt a lot about how to feed a pig through Pig Pig. We have a new little pig now named "Oreo Cookie" and she's solely getting kitchen scraps and tiny amounts of maize. We'd like to keep her a little longer and see if we can get some piglets.
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