Year THREE in Zacango here we come...

Saturday, October 24, 2009

School Goers

Ziko and Hizee go to the local preschool/kindergarten two days a week and on the other days they "study" at home. Ziko has mastered the study of play, hence, his Master Player Award; and Hizee is all about hittin' the books (and is pretty serious about playing too) -- she has just finished Module 3 in her kindergarten homeschool curriculum.

Zam's classroom in the house. Will post one of Hizee's class later.
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Ang said...

How old is Ziko? He's grown up like crazy. What a gorgeous pile of kiddos and amazing photography. When can you skype me next (assuming you don't hate me for losing touch). I miss our phone calls SO MUCH my jim.