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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Birthday Season in Zacango!

It seems like October is a popular month to have a birthday in Zacango! In the past two weeks we have celebrated six birthdays! Here are some left over pictures from Zam's party (see his Batman pinata in the bottom right hand corner second from the end); as well as pictures of Enrique's birthday (Zam's good friend in bottom right photo), Hizee's friend Lizette's birthday (little girl in pink in the third picture top row and her pinata pictures -- Ziko and Hizee hitting a pink pinata), Cleofas' birthday (Miguel and Enrique's mom), Zam's friend Carmelo's birthday (his mom made pizza for his party), and Isabel's birthday (teenager in the pink shirt in the first picture in the second row of photos, she's holding her little sister Lupe).
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