Year THREE in Zacango here we come...

Monday, October 19, 2009

Good-Bye Flo

This past week we lost our little Florisita (Flo). She was underneath the car (wanting to go along with us as always) and Bruce accidentally back over her. It was two weeks short of a year that she was with us.
Flo was a very little dog living in a very big world. During her first few weeks in Zacango we lost her daily and the entire neighbourhood would go on a “Flo search.” We would always find her cuddled up in a corner under the bed.
Flo was beyond affectionate due to the loads of attention she received while being raised by her owner Hizee. Flo was never a novelty for Hizee. Hizee loved her just as much, and more, the day she died as the day we got her. Hizee loved to care for Flo – to feed her, bath her, sleep with her, cuddle her, wrestle with her, and go for hikes with her. Zam and Ziko were also very close with Flo; especially Zam. Flo often slept in Zam’s bed too.
Flo drove Bruce and I crazy sometimes. She was could be quite weasely and often continued to do what she knew she wasn’t supposed to do. For example, near the end of her life she was banned from the beds because she had a problem with fleas. She knew she wasn’t supposed to be on the bed and when you came in the room she would slither off as you told her “no.” However, two minutes later she was right back on the bed.
The night before Flo died Hizee and Bruce gave her the longest flea bath she’d ever had. She was fresh and flea-free and was permitted to sleep with Hizee. Hizee was ecstatic as the two of them cuddled together under the covers. What a great last memory for Hizee!
We will miss you Floey…thanks for a great year and all the beautiful memories!


Kathy and Carl said...

Oh, that's just so sad. Sorry to hear about Flo! But glad that you have some awesome memories and great pictures of her. How special for Hizee to have her sleep one last night with her.

Amy and Jeff said...

Sorry to hear about Flo! We know how much Hizee was looking forward to having her own small dog, we can only imagine how excited she was when her dream came true! Take care guys!