Year THREE in Zacango here we come...

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Mario at home with his flowers.

Luis, Cleofas, Herminio, and Blanca stripping the leaves from the flowers and tying them in bunches which will eventually be put together on large poles to become "maluches" (no idea how to spell that in Spanish). At this point we still had no idea what the finished product would look like, even though people were trying to explain it to us. We went to Luis' house to "learn" what we were supposed to do and emerged with the conclusion that we probably would be incapable of contructing whatever it was we were supposed to construct (especially seeing as though it's the "man's job" to tie up the flowers and Bruce always plays the "non-crafter" card.) Thus, Luis was kind enough to make our flower pole for us and what emerged was incredibly beautiful. See all the beautiful maluches below.
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