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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Introducing Salsa!

And...our most exciting animal update is the addition of our new burra named "Salsa!" We actually got her a couple of weeks ago but I am still playing catch-up with posting photos. People in Zacango know how obsessed we are (okay, how obsessed I am) with baby animals so a few months back our friends Anastasia and Hermilo asked if we wanted to buy one of their burras (they have eleven dokeys/horses/mules). Bruce explained that we only wanted a burra to be able to have a little burrito (baby donkey) and that if we bought her now we wouldn't be able to enjoy the burrito because we'd have to wait for her to get pregnant and then the gestation period to follow is too long (around 11months). By the time the burrito would be born it would be almost time for us to leave Mexico. Hermilo said he understood. However, a few months later he showed us that the burra had become pregnant during the spring -- it was now visable via her "pancita" (enlarged stomach area) meaning that she would give birth sometime in January. We then decided to just go for it and buy her. Who knows about the burrito...our neighbors say it will probably only be born in May.
In any case, we love her...she is a real gem!!! She's extra gentle and is a lot shorter than Taco, so if Hizee is standing on a slope she can hop onto her! Hizee rides her bareback as her "pancita" is too big to put a saddle around right now. Taco and Salsa are a good combination (afterall with names like Taco and Salsa how couldn't they be?)! Taco, however, is like a big puppy dog and is quite jealous of Salsa. When we go to collect them from the pasture he butts her out of the way so that we'll pet him instead of her!

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