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Friday, November 26, 2010

Days of the Dead

This is the last year that we will be in Mexico to celebrate the Days of the Dead -- two extremely important days that people here set aside to celebrate the lives of their family and friends who have died (Nov. 1 celebrates children who have died and Nov. 2 the adults are remembered). It is sad holiday but rather a holiday that shows respect for those who have passed on by setting up an alter or offering displaying their picture, the things they loved to eat, and symbols of things they like to do.
Being our last year here, we decided to go all out with our "ofrenda" and it was great having Simon and Judith here to join in on the fun! The youth art group led the way as they accompanied us to Olinala and showed us all the things we needed to buy for our ofrenda. The youth then joined us for the rest of the day as they basically constructed the offering for us and we did whatever token jobs we could to aid in their expertise at tying knots and constucting the flower filled frame. It was a complete hoot! (see collage below)
Judith and I had a wonderful time reminiscing about our grandparents and loved ones as we admired our ofrenda.

The bells in the church are rung every 5 minutes for 24 hours straight (from midnight on Nov. 1 to midnight on Nov. 2) to show respect for those who have died. A group of young men slept in the church tower to take turns with this duty.
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