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Friday, November 26, 2010

A Visit from Some Very Cool Folks

It seems rather dream-like, but it actually did happen...we were treated to a visit from my beautiful friend Judith and her husband Simon at the beginning of this month. Judith and I grew up together in Altona and it was so amazing to share our home here with such a long-time friend whom I trust and love so dearly!
We began our time together in Mexico City where we took in a ton of "must see" attractions that only Mexico City has to offer! We went to: Teothiuacan (the Pyrimid of the Sun), Frida Khaloe's Blue House, and the famous Anthropology Museum. We were on the go from morning till night for three days in Mexico City before heading to Zacango for a different kind of busy.
Unfortunately some kind of bug decided to take over Judith and Simon's bodies shortly before arriving in Zacango so they took it easy for the first three days at our house. However, after their recovery they were able to treat the community to a few concerts (Judith and Simon are musicians -- they call themselved "The Land"-- google them, they're great) in community member's homes and in the church, as well as enjoy Zacango's legendary hospitality by eating all kinds of great Mexican food and visiting with people in their homes.
The best part was that Judith and I had the chance to do some serious catching up and bonding, and the kids couldn't get enough of these fine folks...they are still talking about all things Simon and Judith! Thanks so much for coming you guys...we love you!

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