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Thursday, November 25, 2010

The Makings of a Grand Fiesta

We`ve blogged numerous times about the beauty and intensity of the numerous fiestas we`ve experienced here in Mexico but we never cease to be astounded at this ``being`` called the fiesta. All the daily routines of life screach to a halt and people become engrossed in all things fiesta. The preperations are intense; and while there are numerous fiestas in and around Zacango on a monthly basis the most grandiose fiesta in the region that we live is the celebration of San Fransisco (St. Francis) in the nearby commercial hub of Olinala.
Each of the surrounding communities in the municipality of Olinala (the municipality has the same name as the most populated town) have their day and time to process into, and through, the town of Olinala carrying their ``masuchis``(big poles covered with a marigold type flower called pericon). The preperation involved in making the masuchis is immense. It begins with a five o`clock departure and four hour ride to the area that has the pericon flower growing in wild abundance; followed by a few hours of picking the flowers; and later a whole afternoon and evening making the masuchis. Luckily, our friend Luis was willing (as he did last year) to help us make our masuchi.
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