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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Zammy Boy Turns 9!

Zam had his special birthday this year as he turned 9 on October 9! Here he is on his last night as an eight-year-old (a photo taking tradition he thought up when he turned from six-years-old to seven). We were in Mexico City for Zam`s big day this year and treated him to a hotel stay and lunch at the restaurant of his choice (Burger King).
Zam had an incredible year and continues to be his thoughtful, sweet, sensitive and funny self! It is such a joy to watch him grow. He is an amazing and loyal friend to his friends in Zacango and is always watching out for Hizee and Ziko. Zam loves to draw and make comics in his free time and dreams about being a video game animator. He loves his dog Chispito. Zam has a great sense of humour and never misses the opportunity to crack a joke. He has become incredibly fluent in Spanish and often translates for his Spanish weary parents at the end of a long day.
Happy Birthday Zammy boy...we love you so much and wish you another amazing year Mr. Nine-Year-Old!

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